We love to be able to offer this swap bag service. To ensure our customers are happy with their swap bag we will always double check with them before sending it out. Check out our 5 star reviews below or get intouch with any queries. x

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Swap Bag

Swap Bag

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Swap your kid's outgrown wardrobe for high quality, second-hand pieces that fit like new with our swap bag service.

How?  It's easy as 1-2-3!

Order your swap bag online but make sure fill in the Kids Style Survey below before placing your swap order, by doing so we will know exactly what your looking for - you can tell us what brands you love, what sizes you're after and what styles suit your mini.

Then after we have received your order we will send you a return courier bag, once you receive this you simply put in the 9 x pieces of clothing you want to swap that meets our Clothing Quality Criteria which you can review on this page below.

Then we will organise for the courier to be picked up from your doorstep, once we receive your swap bag we will send you out your order.

Check out our great reviews!

How does it work?

Step 1) Place your order online and complete our kids style survey telling us what clothes you are looking for.

Step 2)
 We will email you a prepaid courier label to print off, fill up a suitable bag with the 9 x pieces of clothing you want to swap, then let us know when it's ready and we will book a courier to pick it up from your doorstep.

Step 3)
 Once we receive your clothing we will check they all meet our Clothing Quality Criteria* (if not we will let you know) then we will send you your curated order of 9 x high quality, second-hand kids clothing to enjoy!


*Please read our Clothing Quality Criteria

What do you get?

- We'll swap out one item of clothing for every item we receive from you that meets our clothing quality criteria.

- You can send a maximum of 9 x pieces of clothing to swap

- We use only high quality, second-hand kids clothing brands only. We avoid ultra fast-fashion brands altogether

- A more sustainable solution to buying kids’ clothes

What clothing will you get back?

You tell us! Complete our Kids Style Survey below before placing your swap order.

You’ll then receive a curated collection of high quality, second-hand kids clothes that you'll both love.

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Please check our guidelines before swapping your clothing items to ensure they meet our criteria. 🤍