The Important Stuff

Please read over these important guidelines before placing an order. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us at

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Clothing quality criteria

We want parents and kids in our Full Circle community to LOVE the clothes they receive.

Therefore, we only accept trade-in clothing that meets our high standards. Only trade-in clothing that meets each of the Clothing Quality Criteria below will be eligible :

- No ultra fast fashion brands, especially from the following: Cotton On, H&M, K-mart, The Warehouse and Postie Plus
- Clothing must appear as new or gently worn. Items that appear worn, faded, or heavily used will not be accepted.
- No tears, rips, holes, or other visible damage
- No stains or other discolorations i.e. bleach
- Not faded
- Zippers must be in-tact and operable
- Buttons must be in-tact, operable, and accounted for
- Metal clasps must be in-tact and operable
- Clothing should include an original notation of size if possible
- Clothing cannot include any inappropriate or potentially offensive words, phrases, or images.
- No clothing created for events or intended as a promotional item to promote a business or event; i.e: annual 5k race t-shirts or
clothes with specific dates promoting events
- No clothing displaying logos of non-apparel manufacturers, i.e.: company-branded t-shirts or sweatshirts
- Any clothing items deemed inappropriate or potentially offensive to our customers

Judgement is at the sole discretion of Full Circle.

Clothing items we accept right now

- T-shirts
- Long-sleeve shirts
- Sleeveless shirts/Singlets
- Onesies
- Pants
- Shorts
- Dresses
- Skirts
- Overalls
- Sweaters + Cardigans
- Sweatshirts + Sweatpants

Items we do not accept right now

We do not accept any personal items, including socks, shoes, underwear and other undergarments, or other similar items.

At this time, we are not accepting bathing suits, pajama sets, hats, costumes, or formal wear either.

Brands we accept

- Nature Baby
- By.Billie
- Quincy Mae
- Hux
- Sienna Blair
- Wilson & Frenchy
- Banana
- Aster & Oak
- Gorman
- Grown
- Jacadi
- Crywolf
- Osh Kosh
- Buck & Baa
- Jamie Kay
- Petit Bateru
- Dimples
- Powder Organic
- Toastie Kids
- Kin & Cloth
- Jamie & Jaa
- Dutupi
- Bennie and the Jets
- Hoop
- Baby Kids Australia
- Radicool kids
- Bud by Nature
- Sonny Store

We will consider the following brands, if they are in near new condition and if the pieces are in high demand from our customers. PLEASE SEND PHOTOS OF THESE PIECES BEFORE YOU SEND THEM BACK TO SWAP:

- Country Road (must be near new)
- Zara (must be near new)
- Seed (must be near new)
- Bonds (we only want near new matching sets from ages 2 years and older. no wondersuits sorry)
- Puma
- Adidas
- Mango
- Reebok
- Nike
- Peter Alexander
- Pumpkin Patch
- Baby Gap
- Old Navy
- Korango

Updated regularly.

If you're not sure, just ask:

Brands we don't accept

- Milky
- Young Original
- Anko
- Cotton On
- Postie Plus
- H&M
- Farmers
- Milly & Milo (including merino)
- Superfit (merino only)

Updated regularly.

If you're not sure just ask us!

Sizes we accept

We accept clothing sizes from newborn to 5 years old only.

Shipping & Return Policy


North Island: $6.00 NZD
South Island: $7.00 NZD

Customers who purchase a Swap Bag: Will also receive a pre-paid return courier bag, plus a free courier when we send them their order.

Return Policy:

Due to the nature of our bags, we can not accept returns.

If the quality of clothing does not meet the standard of which you expected, please reach out to us and we will find a solution together.


Once customers send us their trade-in clothing items that meet our criteria, customers agree to forfeit ownership of the items to Full Circle.

Every trade-in item we receive becomes the sole property of Full Circle.

Any trade-in items that do not meet the Full Circle criteria will not be returned to the customer and will remain the property of Full Circle.

We, and only we, reserve the right to determine if an item of clothing meets the criteria, if not, it will be donated to a nonprofit that care for children and families.

Thank you for your support and understanding.